SMW quick reference

The Semantic MediaWiki quick reference is a two-page "cheat sheet", created by Yaron Koren, for the MediaWiki extension Semantic MediaWiki and its spinoff extensions Semantic Forms, Semantic Result Formats, Semantic Maps, Semantic Compound Queries, Semantic Internal Objects, Semantic Forms Inputs, Semantic Drilldown and External Data. It was inspired by the wonderful cheat sheets at Added Bytes, and can be used, modified and re-published under the Creative Commons by-3.0 license. It was last updated on January 22, 2013. It can be downloaded here:

You can also download the original Inkscape file, in .svg format, to make modifications/translations/etc., here:

Modifying the SVG file

To modify the SVG file, take the following steps:

To save the page as a PNG image file:

To save the page as a PDF file:

A note about PDF in Inkscape: Inkscape lets you modify a PDF file, just as you would an SVG file, and then resave it back in SVG format later. However, this is not recommended, since resaving a file back and forth between the two formats leads to formatting errors, due to bugs in Inkscape, and will ruin the file. You should never resave a document from PDF back to SVG, if possible.